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Stop smelling bad, security industry!
« dnia: 2010-05-09 (Nie), 20:53 »
Stop smelling bad, security industry!
As a whole, the security industry dresses, looks and smells awful. Half of us don’t like to go to conferences because we don’t like the pervasive body odor. We are (supposedly) grown ups; behave like one. We are all guilty of at least parts of this bad behavior.. Here’s where we will start:

  • No black t-shirts
  • No con-shirts. No one cares if you went to DefCon III.
  • No cargo shorts. You aren’t in college anymore.
  • No burks/sandals/etc.
  • No logos. Don’t pimp other people’s products/cons/companies if you aren’t being paid for it. You just look used.
  • No North Face fleece with [Technology company] logos. “Free” isn’t a reason to wear it. This is the uniform of the Pacific Northwest and it needs to stop. A simple Banana Republic sweater is 1) warmer, 2) more comfortable.
  • No dressing like a slob when you are presenting. Show that you care about yourself and I’ll care more about you and your presentation.
  • No dreadlocks. You are white.
  • No PVC unless you are in shape. Better yet, let’s not wear PVC.

  • Showers, every day, sometimes twice a day depending on your level of odor.
  • Tailoring. Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit. Your shirt and/or pants are too big. Buy jeans that fit. It’s not hard. At the very least, find a sales person to tell you what size you are.
  • Gym! Get out of your house, dammit. Work off those love handles. You’ll be much more productive technically if you work out.
  • Satchels, not 5-year old ripped backpacks.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes unless you are 1) female 2) don’t have corpse feet and/or 3) get pedicures regularly.
  • Behave yourself in public. Don’t make us look bad with obnoxious behavior.
  • Shave. Get rid of that neck-beard. Ew.
  • Use hair product. It’s easy.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Once again, because this seems hard for us: shower.

This is a baseline. Do it.

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Odp: Stop smelling bad, security industry!
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Odp: Stop smelling bad, security industry!
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: 2010-06-01 (Wto), 16:37 »
nigdy nie byles na zjezdzie programistow, apparently! (tak, herbata w kuchni tez jest pewnego rodzaju zjazdem, przynajmniej dla mnie kiedy musze isc po kawkie i napotykam sympozjum specjalistow IT rozmawiajacych o przyszlosci swiata i nowym ajfołnie, ktorzy smierdza tak, ze trudno wytrzymac (to na pewno przez te kapcie))