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--- Cytat: The Crusade of Darkness ---And finally they've reached it. The Valley of Light, the very home and sacred land of the Vermis Templarii, dedicated knights of justice. Moving up the hill they never imagined, that the view surrounding from it would be so amazing. Kilometers of plains, occasionaly a church of light or a blacksmith. People doing business as usual. Perfect. At last, the great voyage from pits of darkness was about to an end.

- 'pity' said Greybrow, because he wasn't very talkactive.

- 'pity what? Did we start this war?' It was Jaras, a 515 rebel, deadly in combat though.

They were in this discussion earlier, so everybody else remained silent. Krymzon checked his minigun with deadly precision. He was the only one not to be fully prepaired in that very moment. But maintaning that kind of monster is not an easy task, believe me.

- 'go' BJ's order was the last word they would hear in the next few hours.

The hell unleashed. Dozens of LL members rushed from the hill, led by that few qualified officers it had. Fly-squad was led by Patrys, the lord himself with burning wings, spreading over helpless plains of light. The places where he pointed his burning bone finger were momentally filled with screams and fire. The grass melted into ash, not to be seen when. Left wing was the domain of Greybrow. His cold and dark assasins, trained for months proved to be the most elite forces in the world. They quickly seeked and destroyed any possible resistance in the valley. Minigun sites, flaks, flame-bunkers. The passive defence line was erected by the Knights of Light few centuries ago, due to their unsatisfying numbers. But now it apperared to be no match for the fury. Only one elite fighter was lost in this phase. Express quickly dismounted first fence line, but something was wrong. Moving like a shadow, he needed to step on the ground too. It was his doom. The wire was buried 5 cm below the ground, it was rusty and old. But it worked. Ten flamer sites apperared from nowhere, and Express died without any last word. His body danced in the fire for some silent second.

- 'damn' - said BJ from the top of the hill and briefly shouted something to the field phone, carried by some private, very proud to be there, not down the hill with his friends. The call resulted in heavy mortar fire in Express' death area and artillery officer, Angelus, could really afford a smile. But he was busy setting his tupolev squadrons to attack.

As Greybrow advanced, it appeared more clear, that the knights haven't even reacted to the invasion. The cloud castle was still shining in the morning sun, not showing any sign of winged templars. It was strange and suspicious for the flak officer, Durbik. His squad was trained to stop the descent of flying knights, and there was nobody to shoot at. But everybody knew it was some kind of a trick, an evasive action. Noone really thought Vermis Templarii would stay locked it their castle seeing famous valley of light built by hundreds of generations burning from hellish fire.

Out of a sudden, the roof of the castle exploded with sears of light. The light was so immense, that those LigaLiero creatures, who were so stupid to be too close to the center of the beam, melted from the load of holyness. The horde backed up, they knew it was between the hellbarons and knights.

- 'here we go again! Amaaaaaaaass!' - Wiraqcza's roar filled whole battlefield. Quickly all the knightslayers were levitating above BJ's quaters, waiting for their destiny.

- 'lock 37,61! DDay armed, sonuvabitchez coming!' - Durbik now felt really happy. But his squad was one of the few faults in LigaLiero's army. Well equipped, (flak cannon, the backbone of AA squad was underranged though) it lacked skilled soldiers. It was one of many BJ's problems, and it was one of the most important now.

And there they were in the dominating aura of light. The high council of seven. No!Mind with his Grand Excalibur. EdgeCrusher, the only cyberwarrior in the council, victim of war against the machines. Yez00Z, young and rebelious. ZaraZ the ideologist. CREO, mysterious masked knight. Rest of the council was being elected in some strange form of vote, so nobody really knew who the winners were. But they were quick.

- 'pagan and dark warriors! Your inevitable agression will mark a new beginning in the destiny of the world. You will be severely punished for your barbaric act!' - No!Mind's yell dominated the concert of explosions and HMG fire surrounding the castle. Privates from the evil lord army were deafened instantly by the amount of decibels.

- 'talk, yeah, talk more. You'll be easier. FIRE ALL GUUUNS!' Durbik shouted. Instantly, the sky was schorched by hundreds of smoke tracers, flak explosions, doomsday dumbrockets, HMG flak fire and so on. At the same moment, the knights of light rushed to the flak hill, making great airscream with their soundspeed movement. But flaks were not something to fuck with. Yez00Z was hit by a doomsday rocket, and fallen to the ground in a spin. And there was Greybrow, waiting with his Sawed Off. BLAM! - but Yez00z managed to block the swarm of duckbill with his lighsword. Greybrow life was at stake now, and his squad bathed in blood of innocent couldn't help him much. Yez00Z descended with a smile, readying his sword. Greybrow was calmly realoading, but he had given any hope. It was just too late. SWOOSH!... and Yez00z felt on the ground headless!

-'wh...' Greybrows throat was still tightened with fear, as that fierce warrior feared nobody, EXCEPT the lightknights. One must have been a fool, or a hero not to fear them.

- 'that's nothing, really' Krolm grinned. His sword was covered with light blue blood of a knight.

And the battle begun. Patrys was forced to help the knightstoppers, because Wiraqcza was attacked by two templarii, and without their prominentive leader, knightstoppers squad morale dropped radically. It's not easy to fight with pure goodness if you're evil, believe me. High in the stratospere, CREO was fighting with Fieroman, young knightslayer padawan, the student who caused major problems to Wiraq, his mentor. Now he was defending from fierce attacks. He couldn't be taught, that only sword is effective against the sword. His napalm canisters and gauss cannon were just not enough to stop the lightsword in action. Everybody not involved in a direct fight raised their heads. After another loud clash of light and darkness, rain of blood has fallen. They noticed the color. Red. So it was Fieroman, who died. It was confirmed by a loud roar of CREO, now descending to help his brothers down in the valley.

- 'haaargh!' Wiraqcza didn't really miss Fieroman, soldier is a soldier, but he just saw the opportunity to turn the tide of battle. EdgeCrusher emerged from below, killing Vugie in a ballet-like spin. Now he was threatening the ground forces. And using 'searchlights' (as LL called the Rays Of The Gods) on their ground forces was not something that Wiraqcza wanted to see. So he thought about honor, dignity and Vaterland, thought that this is nothing to die for. But he attacked. The sounds of the blades were melting into one, buzzing noise. Nobody could see the outcome, the fight moved from side to side on the sky. Finally, Wiraqcza emerged form the ionized cloud made by the bladeclash:

- 'missed me, templarii?' he grinned. And fought on.

No!Mind was unlucky too. Meeting Natas in the field of battle may be a bit annoying, but meeting him as your enemy must be a horror, really. Suited in black, with a blade taller than himself, Natas was the most feared warrior in the ranks of Liga Liero. And he knew about it. Finding No!Mind on the ground charging at Krymzon's HMG squad was another of Natas' great achievements. He proceeded with caution, though. Lepszy_Bog a.k.a. NO!Mind was not to be trifled with by anybody, not even the black knight himself. But the fight was quick, nevertheless. Three or four swordcrossings, and No!Mind's body flew away in the direction of the flak hill, where Durbik's squad automatically wiped out the corpse. it appeared, that Natas had another blade in his sleeve, which he treacherously used. Honor is good, but living on is better.

After a few more dramatical moments, LL's domination was granted. Only two of the knights were fighting on. BJ, who didn't see any action that day had given the leadership of ground forces to Jaras, and went into battle. Remaining two knights were not the class of EdgeCrusher maybe, but their combined power was awesome nevertheless. But BJ didn't seem to care. He made only two moves: slash from left, and a spin ended with an outstep. Behind his back, two bodies fallen to the ground. One headless, one cut deeply in the middle of the chest. Corpses were quickly covered with shadow silhouettes of LL soldiers, as it was said that anybody who will eat a part of a knight would get part of his power. BJ flew back to his command site, cleaning his blade with a care.

Meanwhile, at the ground, Angelus' role was over. Artillery paved the way for ground troops, who were surrounding the very castle walls at the moment. It was now Greybrow's task to take the castle. After beating the few servants of the light, LL swept like a tidal wave in the rooms of the castle. In the throne room, Greybrow saw a silhouette that he reckoned from somewhere. Ahhh, yes... It was Ulvhockey, the ambassador from Terror Sabbath taking a visit in the castle of VT. Greybrow knew him, because he was an ambassador, too. It was because his face wasn't changed by evil THAT much, and he could represent Liga Liero in the Terror Sabbath palace and in other kingdoms, republics, dominions and so on.

- 'thank GOD, Grey! I thought you, LL, would kill me without worrying about my immunity! Please, escort me to the edge of the valley. i'm just an ambassador, I'm protected by the international law! I'm unarmed!

- 'sorry, old friend. I have my orders. Everybody in the castle must be annihilated. BJ stated it clearly.'

- 'Let me talk to him! He will listen to me! I am an ambass....'

The echo of a loud KA-BLAM travelled trough the vast halls of VT palace... Ulv's body bathed in innards and blood landed on a fine crafted coucil chair with a mark: 'ZaraZ'. Greybrow remembered, that ZaraZ was killed by Patrys in the beginning of the battle. Good, another one bites the dust, thought Grey. He was done here. New rulers will sit in the throne room when the day will come to an end, and Grey was proud to be one of them. He reloaded and proceeded to the castle tower, hoping to score some sniper kill, because his unique sniper rifle remained silent in the bloodbath.

The battle was coming to an end. Once again the echoes of bladeclash schorched the skies of Lightvalley, but this time the outcome was totally different than a century ago. This time BJ and his forces finally destroyed the Knights of Light, and covered whole country with LigaLiero's occupation. The success was outstanding. But it was not the end... Few kilometers away there was an encampment of Terror Sabbath, permanently at war with Vermis Templarii. Although allied with LL, it was just a temporary state. It was needed to combine forces when it came to destroy VT. But now, the alliance was worthless and remained only on paper. So BJ gathered his covered with blood and guts soldiers and shouted:

- 'WE ARE VICTORIOUS!' - a great yell was an answer - ' Our deadly enemy, VT are destroyed. Now we are ready. Ready to start another war. The war being a Crusade of Darkness! We will be the only force in the world! Are you with me?!' - This time, officers started the warcry, and soldiers joined with eager. They moved to their formations, and marched quickly to the west, where Terror Sabbath had it's most dangerous base...
--- Koniec cytatu ---


no zajebiste opowiadanie, wiadomo. Miałem gdzies nawet napisaną drugą część, ale zginęła zdaje się przy którym reinstalu

Wiadomo! Znałem je już wcześniej, ale teraz mnie na nostalgię kopnęło znowu i na comserze grzebię - a tu taki gems, no no no!

I B się nie pochwalił że był miszczem w 2007 - ty klocu!

Na jutubie jest chyba nawet finałowy mecz, oglądałem ostatnio

* sah naśladuje pomrukiwanie robali


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